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Please email us for any support questions or refund requests. We can only receive requests through email.

Q. How can I request a refund?
A. Please contact the support team at and they will be able to process your refund for you quickly and easily.

Q. What should I do if I can't get down on the floor for some of the floor exercises.
A. Modification is key. If you are unable to get to the floor or achieve certain positions, please contact us for other individualized modifications. 

Q. How often should I do each of the videos?
A. Some people like to do the videos once a day, and other people prefer to do them every other day. Then therapeutic flow videos, can be done twice a day. Listen to your body and if you feel sore from the exercises, then wait a day before doing them again.

Q. How long should I do each video before progressing to the next one?
A. There is no hard and fast rule about how to progress through the levels. You might want to stick with the Level 1 video for several weeks before progressing, or you might be able to begin with Level 2 or 3 right away. The most important thing is that you make sure you are able to do each exercise with precision and control. Once you can maintain that precision, feel free to try the next level.

Q. Will these exercises work if I have a specific medical condition?
A. The exercises in the Strength As Medicine/Foot Pain Solution program are designed to be low-impact, gentle and effective. However, there are some moves that won't work well for everybody. Please consult with a doctor before beginning this program. This program involves twists, side bends, forward bends and gentle back bends. Ask your doctor if any of these moves are not recommended for your condition.